Oct 3, 2006

TV serials using movie songs

Was just watching 'kyunki saas...' and some other serials (my mom and mausi are at home) the last day and saw that they were using the movie songs every now and then. Can't they be sued for copyright infringement?

whose life is more boring?

I was just thinking that my life must be the most boring one on this bloddy planet. But then suddenly i thaught about those millions of IT professionals, some of whose blogs i have read, and come face to face with others. If i consider those people as sample space then maybe i have got competition. Infact why not have a competition to find out whose life's the most boring? Why not have a TV show (exclusively for IT professionals) to find out how boring life can get? Such a show can serve multiple purposes. One, it can remove some of the staleness from these poor creatures life. Two, other bored ITPs (IT professionals) can feel happy (momentarily) that there's someone whose life sucks more than his'/hers. Three, We get a break from the boring song and dance competitions.