Mar 13, 2007


There is only one way to women's heart - no way
There is only one way to women's heart - their way

now i am contradicting myself... or is it? for me anything other than my way is no way... so their way is actually no way...
there ofcourse are exceptions...
yes exceptions exist.
and god is not an exception.
that means god does not exist :)
don't try to solve the above puzzle using your shitty grammatical rules... what i want to say is that everyone is an exception here... no one is like any other... not even the products which come out of the assembly line production... what about the silicon chips and thing like that?? ya even each one of them is an exception. they are produced at different points of time (taking time as a dimension). I know that is too far fledged. But i am that desperate to prove that god does not exist. I should not be desperate when i know that god does not exist. then why am i? And for all of you who are even trying to think that maybe, just maybe, i am... no you morons i am not a believer... fuck, i am exhausted.............................