Jun 7, 2007

Our Book

There are clear signs that i am going crazy. I want to write a book!! I know its not possible. That is why i am saying that i have gone crazy. But I liked the idea so much that i want to give it a try at least. The topic is so universal. Everyone does it day in and day out. But i have not found a single book which talks about it. Enough of the suspense. I am talking about cribbing. Everyday a substantial portion of me and my friends day is spent in cribbing about one thing or the other. And i am crazy only because i want to write a book and not because i crib for a big part of the day. The second phenomenon is truly universal. The same sounds true specially for the IT industry.

What will the book have? A big question but then the i see no limits for this book. In fact once i start writing i am sure i will have to come out with multiple volumes. I guess a days recording of me and my friends conversation would be enough to write a book! Only problem is putting it all together in an organized manner so that people find it interesting. One can divide the book by stages of life. I mean the type of cribbing one does at different stages of life. Cribbing at school, Cribbing at college, Cribbing at job, Cribbing at home, Cribbing at retirement and so on. Suggestions for any other classification are welcome.

But will me and my friends talks be a good enough sample set for representing the general crib. Probably not. This point of view made me think about writing the book in a different way. What about open source? Take suggestions from everyone. Or say just people who write well. Let one group take care of one part of the book. If we go by the above classification, we can have people between the age of 55-60 take care of Cribbing at retirement and so on. One just needs to define the modules of the book, assign a bunch of people a single module and integrate them. Viola! we have 'The CribBook'. The name of the book reflects my lack of imagination. But again, suggestions are always welcome. Given below is also a suggestion for Table of Content for the book:

  • Definition
  • Different points of time in life when we crib
  • Crib at Pre school
  • Crib at School
  • Crib at College
  • Crib during Graduation
  • Crib during Post Graduation
  • Crib during job
  • [add more here]
  • How to crib
  • Cribology
When crib itself is so popular why can't we have a subject on cribbing in the universities - Cribology. The subject will have all the good affects which cribbing can have on your health. The professors for the subject will be from, yes, IT industry.
  • Crib Language
One can come up with new phrases like crib city, crib street, Crib dose etc.
  • Glossary of terms
People will have crib breaks instead of coffee or sutta breaks. There will be competitions on cribbing. 'OMG! i can't believe it. I just won the crib trophy'. Doctors will prescribe crib doses to patients. Finally the word 'talk' will be replaced by the word 'crib' in the dictionary. Your manager will say 'Lets crib about it'.

This is all i can think right now. Do let me know your views on the book. If you like it do suggest ways to implement the community model to write the book. Do suggest your cribbing experiences (or should we say crib breaks). If you don't like it there must be something wrong with you and i think you need some crib dose.

Yours cribly,
The perennial cribber.


Arjun said...

I love the idea soni.
Making book writing on pertinent issues "open source" is the best next thing to do [:)]
I would love to have a comic strip too on the lines of cribbing [:)]
Am in for it .....

Ajay Krishnan said...

Soni bhai.. long time no info. Hope you are having fun..:)

About Cribbing, it is true that in the IT industry, it has become kind of a second nature to crib. It is like an addiction to the extent that you begin to recognize your friends by the extent he/she cribs rather than their individuality.

I, however, feel that cribbing is self-defeatist and depressing. Cribbing once in a while maybe fine as long as one can extricate oneself to focus on something positive..

Mukesh Soni said...

@arjun: the comic strip idea is good one but we need a good sketcher and also the people involved should be able to come out with frequent strips.

@ajay: hi uncle!! i am having fun cribbing :)
as you said cribbing has become second nature to IT. and it's not necessary that cribbing is defeatist only... it can be creative as well... and frankly when one cribs so much as the IT professional does, it serves neither purpose and is as harmless as kitty parties... and the crib book is supposed to be so... just fun and nothing else.

Nisheet Jain said...

Seems like u got so much inspired from that gr8 fellow in your life